Smart Search

In order to help you get the search result you want faster, you can enable Smart Search. Smart Search works in conjunction with the Search Student and Search Staff fields on the PowerSchool Start Page. When enabled, as you enter your search criteria, PowerSchool automatically provides a drop-down list of suggestions that you may choose from, including students, staff, stored searches, fields, and PowerSchool page names. Suggestions provide the following visual cues as to the type of the suggestion:

Result Type


Text Color


Student Search Icon



Student Search Icon


Stored Searches

Stored Search Icon



Field Search Icon


PowerSchool Page Names

Page Search Icon


Note: Suggestions are dependent upon how Smart Search is enabled, as well as whether you are searching for students or staff.

How to Personalize Smart Search

If Smart Search is enabled, each PowerSchool user can then opt to turn Smart Search or off at any time.

  1. On the start page, choose Personalize under Setup in the main menu. The Personalize page appears.
  2. Click Interface. The Personalize - Interface page appears.
  3. Select the Enable Smart Search checkbox. Alternately, deselect the checkbox to disable this feature.
  4. Select the Include Page Results checkbox to make those PowerSchool pages that are accessible to you searchable. Otherwise, leave the checkbox blank.
  5. Select the Include Inactive Student/Staff Results checkbox to make inactive students and staff searchable. Otherwise, leave the checkbox blank.
  6. Click Submit. The Changes Recorded page appears.