Each Kajeet comes with a small set of instructions.  Please follow those instructions to successfully connect to the Kajeet Mobile Hotspot. 


For the SmartSpot T41:

  • On the back of the Kajeet Mobile Hotspot is a label which contains the SSID of that hotspot device

  • Password for the Kajeet device is located on the set of instructions that are with the device

  • When connecting from a Chromebook or other device, find the SSID as listed on the back of the Kajeet and connect to that device with the password provided on the instruction sheet

  • In the event you experience issues with your Kajeet device, contact UCFSD technical support by going here, how to contact the UCFSD Technology Department 

For the SmartSpot 717:

  • Power on your Jetpack.
  • Press (Power/Menu button) quickly when the display is on.
  • Press one time for data usage information.
  • Press two times for the Wi-Fi name.
  • Press three times for the Password.
  • Press four times for Settings & Info URL guide
  • Press five times to return to the Home screen.